Hoppy Easter!

These bunny treats are so cute and simple to make at home!

Start with a cooled cookie and, using a wide tip piping bag, cover the cookie in a thick layer of icing. Here in the bakery, we use white icing then dip it into green sprinkles, but you can use green icing at home to make it easier!

Next, using the same wide tip icing bag, pipe a large dot of icing in the center of the cookie. Then pipe legs with a simple squeeze of icing on both sides of the dot.

Of course, no bunny is complete with a fluffy tail! To do this, pipe in a sweeping motion in the middle of the larger dot.

In the bakery, we use a lot of different colors for the feet, but at home you can chose however many you want! With a small icing tip, pipe three dots on the bottom of the leg. Follow that with one larger dot above that to finish the bunny paw.

And that’s it! You’ve made sweet bunny treats for Easter! We would love to see your at-home creations. Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Three Brothers Bakery owns no rights to the song “Happy” by Pharrell.

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Sweet Wedding Favors

With warmer weather comes more outdoor weddings, and the peak of wedding season is just around the corner! Keeping this in mind, we thought it’d be sweet to share some popular wedding favor ideas with all future brides out there.

Wedding favors for guests to take home are becoming increasingly popular.  If you opt to do a non-edible favor for guests, we suggest simple sunglasses (if it’s an outdoor wedding), prepackaged coffee beans or small bottles of champagne.  Sweet personal notes can be tied to these items with phrases like “Thanks for being part of our sweet memories,”  “Love is brewing” and “Thanks for celebrating with us.”

This is just so sweet!

The options are pretty limitless for edible wedding favors.  Petit fours, iced cookies and chocolate covered strawberries are always popular choices.

All of your wedding guests will be happy with one of these!

Take away bars are also becoming more popular at weddings as well.  Try doing this with a variety of cookies and cupcakes for a sweet treat bag that guest can snack on after the festivities.

We wouldn't mind a sweet little bag of treats!

Have you gotten any fun favors from weddings? Tell us on Facebook!

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Tell us your sweet stories!

We love hearing about and seeing photos of our cakes and treats at your special occasions. Recently we’ve gotten a few photos and stories from our customers that we wanted to share with you all!

Bob and Betty Cunningham celebrated 60 sweet years together!

This precious photo was taken by Randy Glover

How sweet is this Rodeo themed cake we created for The Gathering Place?

Thanks, Lillie Hurwitz for this sweet photo.

The following photos and stories came from our Facebook fans! Do you have a story to share with us? Give us a like!

Thanks Emily for the photo!

How sweet! Thanks, Danny!

This sweet photo is from one of our Twitter followers. How cute is this wedding cake?

Thanks Genna!

Be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos too! Check out this fun photo from one of our followers.

Thanks to our Instagram fan, chellbellez

And finally, you can share your photos with us in store! This sweet photo is 53 years old and features a Three Brothers Bakery wedding cake.

Such a sweet photo. Thank you for bringing this to us!

There are so many ways you can share your photos and stories with us and we would for you to do just that! Tag us on Instagram, tweet us on Twitter, comment on Facebook or even send us an email at media@3brothersbakery.com.

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Behind the Scenes at Three Brothers Bakery

We do a lot at the bakery that many times, our sweet patrons never get to see. We wanted to share a little bit of what goes on every day at Three Brothers Bakery. Enjoy!

Behind the Scenes at Three Brothers Bakery

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Three Brothers Bakery comes to Washington Avenue!

By now you’ve heard the sweet news about our Washington Ave. location! We’re open and excited to be back in that part of Houston. We had a wonderful time with some great people at our Grand Opening party. Check out our Facebook page to see more photos from the event. But we wanted to tell you about a couple of our new additions to the Three Brothers Bakery menu!

Thank you to the Greater Heights Chamber, Councilwoman Ellen Cohen, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs for being a part of our big day!

Our new location has a patio that is perfect for when the weather warms up. It’s a nice little place to get away, have a cupcake and bring your pup. Yes, our patio is dog friendly! We would love for you to bring Fido over and we even have some treats for him. So bring your dog, grab a few puppy treats and people treats, and enjoy our new patio!

We hope to see a lot of people and pups out here in the springtime!

We also added a sweet treat that we are so excited to share with everyone on Washington Avenue: cake parfaits!  These are a Three Brothers Bakery original concoction. We layer cake, icing and filling into just the right size cups, to make a sweet treat the whole family can enjoy.

She was just the sweetest little customer!

The cake parfaits come in pre-made selections including Boston Cream Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Triple Chocolate and Apple Cream. Or you can create your own. Options vary from what type of cake (yellow, white, red velvet, Italian and so on), your filling (strawberry, lemon, apple, pineapple and more), icing (white buttercream, fudge, cream cheese, etc.) and toppings (caramel syrup, coconut, gingerbread crumbles to name a few).

These were a big hit at the Grand Opening!

We hope you get a chance to come visit us at our Washington Avenue location and try our new treats! Have you been to the new location yet? Tell us about it on Facebook and Twitter!

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Sneak Peek

We are getting so excited for our new location on Washington Avenue and we know you are too! So to tide you over until we open, here is a little sneak peek video!

Click to photo to see our video!

Tell us what you’re most looking forward to at our Washington Ave. location on Facebook!

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Family Wedding Cakes

We’re so excited for Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Last week we shared Bobby and Janice’s love story but this time we just wanted to share some more photos of some of our sweetest days.

Uncle Sol's daughter, Renee, and Alan Helfman cut the groom's cake.

Janice and Bobby cut the cake.

Janice and Bobby cut the groom's cake. That's Bobby real (or reel) fishing pole covered in chocolate!

The Helfman's cake

The beautiful Helfman wedding cake.

Jack and Elaine Helfman, Alan and Renee Helfman, Estelle and Sol Jucker

Janice and Bobby are so sweet.

Janice sees her wedding cake for the first time.

The fabulous Jucker wedding cake.

We love sharing our memories with you and making new ones. Share your Three Brothers Bakery memories with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Bobby and Janice’s wedding photos were taken by Billy Mitchell Photography.

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Sweet Love Stories

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d share a couple of our love stories. If you’ve heard them before bear with us, but really they’re so sweet you can read to them again!

Bobby and Janice have a story that starts back in their early teens but doesn’t come to fruition until years later. The two met at a Jewish youth group weekend (BBYO), when Janice was 13 and Bobby was 14. One of Janice’s friends, Suzy, who will come back in the story later, mentioned how cute the boys were at this camp, and Janice agreed as soon as she saw Bobby.

The weekend Bobby and Janice met, with Suzy!

They two hit it off immediately. Soon enough, after all the night activities ended, Bobby lead Janice into the mess hall where Janice and Bobby had their first kiss, which was Janice’s first ever! But, the weekend ended and the two went on their separate ways. Janice went back home, but the crush stayed with them both. The crush remained close throughout high school. Janice admitted to scribbling “Janice Jucker” on her bookcovers, and Bobby came to a dance with Janice during that time (and wore a stylish yellow leisure suit). Time passed, college came and went, and while they tried dating then it seemed it still wasn’t meant to be.

Bobby and Janice in High School

Bobby married and had children. Janice started her career and got engaged. But life is funny sometimes and things changed. Bobby divorced and Janice’s engagement broke up. The two found themselves single at the same time once again. Janice’s friend, Suzy the one from camp, told her Bobby was divorcing. What a coincidence! But Janice did nothing until running into Bobby’s sister who told her to give him a call. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Ten months later the two were married!

Bobby, Janice and Suzy, together again!

The next Jucker love story is much shorter, but just as sweet. As you all probably know, Sigmund and Sol are twins. What you may not know is Sigmund pretended to be Sol to get him a date! Sigmund decided one day that it was time for Sol to get married. So he took it upon himself to make it happen. Sigmund called the lovely Estelle, pretended to be Sol and made the date. Sigmund wasn’t content to just make the date; he wanted to make sure Sol put his best foot forward. To do that, Sigmund let Sol use his car because Sol’s was in less than pristine condition. Anyway, the date went so well that Estelle and Sol were married 6 weeks later. Oh, and Sol never gave back the car!

Love is so sweet! Tell us about your love story on our Facebook and don’t forget to get treats for your sweetheart at Three Brothers Bakery!

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Warm Drinks and Sweet Treats

We love this cold weather; it puts us in the mood for hot drinks that will keep us feeling warm and cozy. While you can come to any of our locations to grab a cup of coffee, sometimes you may crave something a little different, so here are a few sweet drink recipes we think you’ll enjoy!

Try a glass of warm caramel honey milk with a slice of our apple coffee ring.  All you need to make this delicious drink is milk, sugar, honey and cinnamon. So sweet and so easy!

Click the photo for more info on how to make this drink!

If you’re a chocolate lover (really who isn’t?), you need to try making this creamy junior mint hot chocolate.  To make this sweet drink you’ll need:

2 Cups milk

2 cups dark chocolate almond milk

½ cup junior mints

1 cup heavy cream

2 Tablespoons granulated sugar

Danishes sure would be sweet with this hot chocolate!

How could you say no to this pairing?

There’s something about cold weather that makes everyone crave apple cider.  Next time you get that craving why not try making something a little different, like a pomegranate apple cider.  The pomegranate juice sure adds a nice burst of flavor!  The recipe can be found here.  Don’t forget you can’t drink apple cider without gingerbread men!

What a sweet way to warm up!

Treat yourself to one of these hot drinks and something sweet from our bakery, and stay warm today!

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A Look on the Past Year

As we begin the new year we wanted to take some time to look back on 2013.  We have some sweet memories from the past year that we will cherish forever.  2013 was a busy year for our bakery, but there are some major “wow” moments that come to mind.

Last year we were named Retail Bakery of the Year by Modern Baking magazine.  The magazine cited our successful family history and dedication to the craft of baking, effective marketing and community involvement as deciding factors in the competition.

It was such a sweet honor!

Also in 2013, USA Today named Three Brothers Bakery one of America’s Best Bakeries as did The Daily Meal.  With more than 6,000 retail bakeries in the United States, we were thrilled to be recognized!

Twice we were recognized as one of America's best bakeries!

Our bakery was also named to The Knot’s “Hall of Fame” thanks to all of your votes and sweet reviews.  The Knot inducted wedding professionals and businesses across the United States who have won at least four “Best of Wedding” awards in a row since 2007.  We thank all of you again for your voting and reviews and helping us make sweet memories.

Thank you so much for all your votes! You made this happen for us!

In 2013, Nylon magazine was sweet enough to add our pumpecapple piecake to its list of “The Most Mouth-Watering Places to Order Your Thanksgiving Dessert From.”  If you haven’t tried our delicious pumpecapple piecake, you’re missing out!  It’s three layers of cake with three pies baked inside each.

It sure is a mouthwatering dessert!

We were also mentioned by Bon Appetit on Yahoo! Shine as one of the Best Pie Shops in the U.S.! We were thrilled to be listed on all of these lists for best in America! There are so many great bakeries out there!

It was a sweet write up!

Besides winning awards, our bakery also introduced wooden pie boxes for a cause this past year.  These traditional wooden pie boxes make it easier for us to mail our award-winning pies around the country.  Each box is individually handcrafted through its partnership with the Woodworker’s Club of Houston and the charitable organization 2 Xs Toys.

Not only are these beautiful gifts, but they are helping a wonderful cause.

The Three Brothers Memorial location turned one in February 2013.  This was our first expansion after Hurricane Ike and we’re pleased with the decision to open in Memorial.  The neighborhood has proven to be a supportive area with a nice mix of residential, medical and business populations.  In 2013, we also announced that we would be opening a third location on Washington.  Construction is now complete, and we are looking forward to serving in that area!

This past year was a great one with many memories.  We’re looking forward to everything this new year has in store for us and know it’ll be just as sweet as last year!

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