National Dog Day at Three Brothers Bakery

We had so much fun with Courtney Perna from Great Day Houston chatting about our Dog Days of Summer promotion and how we make our doggy treats. Bobby and Courtney made Three Brothers Bakery doggy treats on air and Courtney even tried one!

We had Pickles from Friends for Life join in the fun too. Pickles is a precious pup who is up for adoption and will be joining us on Saturday for our adoption event. The wonderful people at Friends for Life are close to our hearts here at Three Brothers Bakery. Janice’s sweet pup, Bentley, was a rescue and was the inspiration for our Dog Days of Summer campaign. Bentley, along with Bella and Bobka, Janice and Bobby’s other dogs, were the perfect little hosts for all of our guests.

All this week, Three Brothers Bakery is donating 100% of the proceeds from our dog cookies and treats to Friends for Life. So come in today for a cupcake or cookie and you will be helping out some furry friends in need.

Don’t forget to join us this Saturday from 6-8 pm at our Washington Avenue location for our adoption event and share your doggy photos with us on our Facebook page.

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Sweet Treats for a Sweet Cause

We are so excited to partner with Friends for Life this month! Come by any of our three locations, pick up some puppy cookies and we will donate 10% of the proceeds to Friends for Life! We hope you will come to Three Brothers Bakery and help us find some furry friends forever homes!

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Dog Days of Summer

Calling all dog lovers and owners!  National Dog Day is August 26 and oh boy do we have some sweet doggie (and human) treats to give away.  In honor of the canine holiday, we are asking our friends and customers to send us pictures of their dogs on Facebook throughout August.  At the end of the month, one lucky dog lover will receive a prize of a dozen doggie treats and some people treats to enjoy. Also, be sure to stop by our bakery on August 26th. All pooches in attendance will receive a free doggie treat!

In addition, we are encouraging our guests to bring their furry companions with them when shopping at our Three Brothers Bakery Washington Avenue location our employees will do their best to capture all of the fun doggie moments, and will feature one “Adorable Dog of the Week” on our social media channels throughout the month.  Our Washington Avenue location has a pooch-perfect patio that is 100% dog friendly.

In even better news, Three Brothers Bakery is partnering with Friends for Life for the month of August. Throughout the month, we will be selling special paw print cookies (for humans) with 10% of proceeds benefiting Friends for Life. Then, on August 30th our Washington Avenue location will be hosting an adoption event with Friends for Life!  What better way for a dog to celebrate National Dog Day than to be adopted into a new forever home?

We look forward to seeing you and your four-legged companions throughout the month of August!

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More Sweet Memories

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, and that’s because we truly mean it: we love being a part of your special days and we love hearing your Three Brothers Bakery memories. We really are memory makers who happen to be bakers. Fortunately, so many of you have been willing to share your memories with us. We gathered up a few of these memories to share with you…

From our Facebook page:

Kelley McConnell Robinson- When my husband and I were planning our wedding, the one thing that was a no brainer was the cake. It was always going to come from Three Brothers Bakery. 26 years earlier, it was an easy decision for my parents. My dad grew up on Three Brothers Bakery poppy seed rolls and on their wedding day, Three Brothers Bakery helped my dad pull the most epic prank. They filled up 3 boxes full of icing. As they were bringing in the boxes to my grandparents’ house, my dad “tripped” and fell with the boxes – Icing went everywhere. To say my mom and grandmother were mad would be an understatement! This is a story that is told over and over again, with the same laughter every time!

We received this adorable memory from a customer at our Washington Avenue location. Unfortunately the customer forgot to put his/her name! If this is your memory, please let us know!

My daughter was at school and her friend’s mom brought in cupcakes. My daughter said, “Are those from Three Brothers?” The mom responded, “No they are from Kroger.” My daughter looked at her and said, “No thank you, I only eat Three Brothers.”

This sweet memory was emailed to us from Maria Todd of News92FM:

Maria Todd- My favorite memory is walking into the Braeswood store for the first time. The sweet smell reminded me of going to church with my dear late grandmother. Every Sunday we had to pass a bakery on the block before the church, and she would always promise me a treat if I was good during the service. I was a pretty good kid, and Grandma always kept her promises, so the bakery was a regular stop on our way home.

Whether you write us a note, tell us on Facebook or email us, we would love to hear about your favorite Three Brothers Bakery memories. We are going to continue sharing these sweet stories and would love to include yours!

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Three Brothers Bakery on the Small Screen

Three Brothers Bakery is no stranger to TV cameras and journalists. We’ve been on plenty of fun local television segments, talking about everything from the Bakery’s history to groom’s cakes. Bobby has also had the opportunity to work with several amazing national television programs that have really helped change Three Brothers Bakery’s business for the better.

Bobby is so focused!

Three Brothers Bakery is no stranger to TV cameras and journalists. We’ve been on plenty of fun local television segments, talking about everything from the Bakery’s history to groom’s cakes. Bobby has also had the opportunity to work with several amazing national television programs that have really helped change Three Brothers Bakery’s business for the better.

For a more in-depth look at the Pirate Cake’s construction and Bobby’s television appearance read our 2-part blog, Part 1 and Part 2.

2011 was a big year for Three Brothers Bakery! We were on Food Network twice that year. We were on “Outrageous Foods” for our giant Pumpecapple Piecake, which, to be fair, is pretty outrageous. A cake that weighs 23.5 pounds and consists of a pumpkin pie baked into a spice cake, a pecan pie baked into a chocolate cake and an apple pie baked into a spice cake, is just about as outrageous as it gets! We loved talking with Tom Pizzica about Three Brothers Bakery and all the giant (and regular-sized) cakes and creations we make!

For more information about our Outrageous Foods debut and to see some of the other creations we showed Tom (like a fire-breathing dragon), read our blog post about it!

Did you see us on either of these shows? What show would you like to see us on next?  Tell us on Facebook!

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Summer Wedding Cake Trends

We’ve created thousands of wedding cakes in our 65 years of serving Houston. We’ve seen wedding trends come and go, but the most important thing a wedding cake can be is unique! We love creating custom cakes that fit the bride and groom’s style.  Here are three creative cake trends that are perfect for your summer celebration.

1. Half and Half Cakes

What do you do if you like white cake and your significant other likes chocolate? Split it down the middle, of course! We have created multiple cakes that are this style, so now there is no need to choose just one icing flavor or cake choice. This cake proves you can have it all!

2. Naked Cake

Sometimes less is more. At least that’s the thought behind naked cakes. These cakes are a stripped down version of a traditional wedding dessert and offer a more rustic take on the reception treat.  Floral and fruity elements provide a unique and beautiful decorative element to this otherwise plain cake. This naked cake is one of our favorite wedding cakes we’ve created recently.

3.  Daring Colors

Our final trend is all about featuring bold colors on your cake.  Instead of having muted colors in the background, turn up the volume with festive and bright hues.  This trend is a great way to tie in the wedding theme at the reception and will definitely be a statement piece. We created this colorful cake for a bride who had the same brightly colored and beautifully designed tattoos. It doesn’t get more personalized than that!

What is your idea of the perfect summer wedding cake?  Do you prefer to stick to traditional styles?  We would love to hear what you think.  Tell us on Facebook!

Planning a wedding of your own?  Contact us to discuss next steps for creating your dream wedding cake.

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Celebrating Freedom with Sigmund

Happy Fourth of July! Many of you may be celebrating with fireworks and cookouts, which of course would not be complete without some our bunsbreads and treats, but don’t forget what this day is really about: celebrating the freedoms granted to us in our great country.

While most of us have a general understanding of what freedom means, Sigmund, one of the original three brothers, knows firsthand that freedom does not come free. In 1941, when Sigmund and Sol were 19 years old, they and their family were sent to concentration camps under the Nazi regime. For four years, the Jucker family lived in oppression, with no freedom under SS control.

Sigmund in front of Mark Seliger's photo used in his book When They Came To Take My Father - a compilation of photos and narratives of Holocaust survivors.

On May 8, 1945, Sigmund arose early, so he could wake everyone up in the camp, as he usually did.  On this day, Liberation Day, he arose to find no SS officers keeping watch; he did not see any officers in the camp at all.  The SS fled in such a hurry, they even neglected to turn on the electric fences. Sigmund found wire cutters and actually cut the wires on the gate giving he and the other prisoners their freedom. Sigmund was the first to take a breath of freedom outside the gate.  He fell to his knees and literally kissed the ground.

Because of this, celebrating freedom and the Fourth of July means so much more to the Jucker family than sparklers and parties. We hope as you celebrate with friends and family, you will take a moment to reflect on how wonderful our freedom is and thank all of those who fight for us to have these freedoms everyday.

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Build a Better Cake Parfait

Have you had one of our Cake Parfaits yet? Well, if you have, you know just how delicious they are. If not, don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through the process of creating the perfect Cake Parfait.

We have some delicious pre-made options you can pick up without having to think too hard about the combination (we know that can be tough). They’re tasty choices like Apple Cream, Triple Chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake or Boston Cream that are a hit for all ages. Just see the photo evidence below.

How sweet is this little Three Brothers Bakery fan?

But if you want to experience just how good a Cake Parfait can really be, we recommend building your own (just like with our cakes!). With more than 30 options, you can create your own personal treat with your favorite icings, toppings and cakes!

We asked some of our frequent parfait customers what their favorite combos are and they shared these 6 delicious Cake Parfait choices that you can try next time you visit us!

- White Cake                          – Brownie                                           – Yellow Cake

- Raspberry Cream               – Raspberry Cream                           – Cookies & Cream

- Cream Cheese                     – Chocolate Buttercream                  – White Buttercream

- Chocolate Syrup                  – Chocolate Syrup                              – Chocolate Sprinkles

- Oreos                                                – Oreos

- Whipped Cream

- Brownie                               – White Cake                                      – Chocolate Cake

- Fudge                                   – Fresh Strawberries                         – Raspberry Cream

- Whipped Cream                 – Lemon Cream                                  – Cream Cheese

- Chocolate Chips

What would you put in your perfect Cake Parfait? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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Bobby’s Bread Tips

The Jucker family loves bread, which is not all that surprising when you remember that we’ve been making challah and rye bread for the past 200 years. All the bread at Three Brothers Bakery is made fresh daily and while it’s delicious on it’s own, sometimes you just want something a little different. So here are a few tips from Bobby about what you can make with our breads!


Our challah is made with a traditional 200-year-old recipe that has stood the test of time. It’s egg bread – perfect for French toast! To take your French toast to the next level, try making it with our raisin challah.  If you ever have left over challah, it works great for bread pudding, stuffing and croutons.


Our Corn Rye breads make great bread bowls.  Hollow out the inside of the loaf (and save it in a zip lock bag) and you can fill them with your favorite soups or dips. Use the bread from the inside of the bowl to mop up the soup.  Sourdough bread bowls go fantastic with French Onion soup and Corn Rye makes the perfect bowl for a dip like this one.

What’s your favorite way to use our bread?  Share your answer with us on Facebook!

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Sweet Father’s Day Memories

By now, you all know much about how Bobby grew up baking at his father’s side. Starting when he was just 8, Bobby was “at the table” in the production area with his dad, Sigmund, and uncles, the “three brothers.” They would joke and laugh with him, all the while teaching him the art of bread making. Now, years later, Sigmund and Bobby are still side-by-side.

Bobby has gone from that playful and curious child, to co-owner and master baker. Sigmund taught him not only how to be a baker, but also how important hard work is. The original brothers, Sigmund, Sol and Max, worked through the holidays to make sure their customers had everything they needed. This instilled in Bobby a strong work ethic.

Because of this, Bobby has had the opportunity to share so many great accomplishments with his father, with several occurring in 2014 alone. Early this year, we opened our third location on Washington Avenue. A different feel than the Braeswood location that Sigmund opened, but one with the same amount of care (and sweet treats) put into it.

Another significant moment in Three Brothers Bakery history occurred on May 8th 2014. May 8th is an important day to the Jucker family, because on that same day in 1945 Sigmund, Sol, Max and their older sister, Jeannie were liberated from Nazi Germany. But this year, May 8th became Citywide Three Brother Bakery Day in Houston and was our 65th anniversary of business in Houston, what was yet another milestone for Bobby and Sigmund to share together.

Bobby has been working to continue the legacy of Three Brothers Bakery by providing delicious treats to Houston. Started by Sigmund and his brothers and continued by Bobby, Three Brothers Bakery has become an award-winning, beloved Houston staple. This is a sweet father and son story we never get tired of hearing

What milestones have you and your father shared together? Tell us on Facebook.

If you still haven’t gotten dad a present, swing by for a cupcake or a few cookies!

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