Summertime is the perfect time for family vacations. Some destinations are only possible or practical to reach by plane. But others are a little bit closer and require a trip by car.

If you have young children, you know the challenges of such a trip. Keeping the kids happy has gotten a lot easier thanks to gadgets such as the iPad, although even that alone is not enough to maintain order for hours on end in the car. You need to come ready with a full bag of sweet treats!

We recommend choosing these wisely. You want to make sure these treats are not too messy and not likely to crumble everywhere. You need the treats to be finger food so clean up is easy and don’t have to worry about having utensils on hand. Maximum enjoyment and minimal clean-up is the name of the game.

So we recommend picking up some of these cookies that meet the guidelines.


Three Brothers Bakery Hamantaschen

Chocolate Chewy Cookies

Three Brothers Bakery Chocolate Chewy Cookies

Rainbow Pinwheel

Three Brothers Bakery Rainbow Pinwheel

And, of course, the trusty Gingerbread Man never fails!

Three Brothers Bakery Gingerbread Men